Fishing hooks, lines at Noble Park a concern for animal control officers

Charles Beasley is a Noble Park fishing regular.

He said he visits, “Every day. It’s just relaxing.”

Just as common as his visits, he said, is the trash we found around, and floating in, the lake. Last week a woman sent us a picture of a goose with a fishing line wrapped around its leg. Beasley said it is all too common.

“Ducks will be out there, and they just go out where they are at. And they get hung up in the lines and stuff like that,” Beasley told Local 6.

McCracken County Animal Control Director Kathy Coleman said calls about the injured fowl are filling up her phone lines. “A duck getting his head stuck in a can, a duck that has a hook through its foot, tangled up with something wrapped around its foot,” Coleman said of the various calls she’s received.

Coleman said her officers are not licensed to treat the animals, so local rescue groups are often called in to help. She’s working with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife to get the credentials, but right now she’s relying on the public to police themselves.

“There are only three of us for seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We just don’t have the time to patrol on a regular basis,” Coleman said.

Beasley said the birds’ injuries are preventable if his fellow fisherman simply throw their trash away. But more often than not, he said, they leave it behind.

“I see them do it all the time, and it ain’t nothing new. I see it every day,” Beasley said.

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