Keeping your home safe while you are gone

“Every year, the warmer it gets, the more business we have in criminal defense,” said Attorney Del Pruitt.

A warning from Attorney Pruitt.  As we begin summer, June is National Safety Month.  While safety should be a concern all year long, it is good to have a month dedicated to it.  Last week, we told you about being safe online.  Today we follow through with our commitment to keep you and your family safe at home.

Mychaela Bruner and a local detective show us what to look out for in order to keep our home safe.

No one should have to fear for their safety.  McCracken County Sheriff’s Detective Matt Carter showed Mychaela some simple steps to secure your home starting with the windows.

“Even from the outside of the home, I can see that these locks are in place and to the contrary if they are unlocked, that can be observed from the outside of the home. There’s no screens on these windows, provides someone easy access to step into the home,” said Carter.

Take a step back and check out your landscaping.

“All the landscaping here is well manicured, the height of the bushes are lower than the window sills, the opposite will be shrubbery,  trees that are grown up, concealing the windows, it could conceal someone being behind that shrubbery,” said Carter.

The best way to prevent thieves from entering your home – lock your doors.

“This particular home has a screen door that can be locked, there’s a dead bolt on the main lock which is a good thing, there’s a Brinks Home security sticker. If i’m walking up to this home and I’m a thief, there are several factors that are creating more of a deterrent,” said Carter.

Also get more creative with where you place your spare key.

“Just simply under a doormat or another object close to the door is probably going to be a place that’s checked by someone that has the intent to get into your home,” said Carter.

Finally, Carter said use your common sense.

“If you’re going out of town, making sure you don’t have seven to 10 days of newspapers piling up in your driveway,” said Carter.

Consider installing lights around your house and keep your doors, windows and garage doors shut when you are not home.
Words of advice – do not tempt a thief. Keep lawn mowers, barbecues and bicycles out of sight, always lock your garden sheds and garages, use curtains on garage and basement windows and if you leave for vacation, Attorney Pruitt said make sure you are thinking ahead.

“I leave a light on, what it cost to run a light for a week or two is not much, people are less likely to break into places that look occupied,” said Pruitt.

Remember, if your home is broken into, do not go inside. Call police immediately.

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