37th Superman Celebration is in full swing

A big weekend in Metropolis, Illinois and for superman fans everywhere!  The 37th annual Superman Celebration is underway right now and it is where our own Mychaela Bruner spent the morning.

Food, games, costumes, and more at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis. This is the one event where you can put on those tights and wear that cape on your back and fit right in.

Fifty thousand people – that is the number expected at this year’s festival.  People from all over the country come to enjoy the event.  Organizer Karla Ogle said this will be a year to remember.
“We’re expecting a full crowd, there’s so much going on with a lot of new movies coming out and the new series. So we are expecting a huge crowd this year,” said Ogle.

A one-of-a-kind event honoring Metropolis’ favorite son, while also generating revenue for the city.

“The hotels are full, the gas stations are busy, a lot of shops around town are busy, people are even buying the ice locally. All in all this is a great weekend for Metropolis,” said Ogle.

The Superman Celebration lasts all weekend long. The closing ceremony is at 5 on Sunday.

For the list of events, click here.

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