Brave cub scout saves friend from hot temperatures

Friday was a normal day at the park for two cub scouts in Martin, Tennessee. D.J. Covington and Carter Gipson are taking the heat a bit more seriously now after a close call last weekend.

After swimming for five hours at Camp McMorris is Camden, Tennessee, D.J. began feeling dizzy. He pushed through and attempted to climb cardiac hill with his friend. After noticing a problem — D.J. was suffering from heat exhaustion — Carter went into crisis mode. He recalled the 3 Cs he learned in first responder training while in the scouts: check, care, and call. “I checked, I cared, well… I didn’t call on a cell phone, but I yelled,” he said.

Both will receive first responder pins after extensive training on first-aid. They learned about how to stop bleeding and about the warning signs of cardiac arrest and poisoning. That’s something Liz Gipson, Carter’s mom, said paid off. “Any other 9-year-old, I would say, would probably freak out,” she said. “And he didn’t, so I’m very proud of him.”

And D.J. said he’s grateful to his friend of two years. “I would have kept going, passed out, and hit my head on a rock,” he said, if Carter had not insisted they stop.

The two families have learned a lot about beating the heat. Carter’s mom said she had no idea a child could lose so much water while swimming, which is believed to be what caused D.J.’s heat exhaustion. 

“Make sure you drink a lot of water,” D.J. said.

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