Detours set up after overnight fire in Pinckneyville, IL

Traffic is being diverted at the public square in Pinckneyville, Illinois due to an overnight fire.

Mayor Robert Spencer says the fire broke out at an apartment building at the public square. The building was next to the old courtside restaurant.

It was fully engulfed when firefighters arrived. 

Seven people lived in the apartments. None of them were injured.

The fire spread to the building that housed the restaurant, which has been closed for about a year.

The apartment was demolished Tuesday morning. Crews are examining the restaurant to determine what needs to be done with that building.

To help with the cleanup, a couple detours has been set up around the square.

Illinois Route 127 south bound traffic will not be affected.

Illinois Route 127 north bound is being diverted to the west side of the square via a marked detour. The one way street is now open to two way traffic around the west side of the square.

Illinois Route 154 east bound is being diverted around the west side and north side of the square then east to South Bound Gordon Street where it will rejoin with Illinois Route 154. West bound Route 154 traffic will follow the two way detour for east bound traffic.

The detours are expected to be up for the majority of the day.

There is no word yet on what caused the fire.

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