What the Tech: Father’s Day

Tired of ties and tools? Does Dad already have a wallet stuffed with unused gift cards? Here are some tech gadgets and apps for a Father’s Day gift he’ll remember.

If Sad is a TV watcher, and what dad isn’t, you might consider Sling TV. It’s brand new and allows you to watch cable TV shows without cable or satellite. For $20 a month, you can watch ESPN, the SEC network, CNN and other cable channels without a subscription.

Check out this stuff called Thinking Putty. I won’t get into the chemistry, but this is a ball of putty that’s both a liquid and a solid. You can stretch and tear, and it’ll put itself back together. It’ll swallow up a magnet, which is so cool to watch. It’s around $10.

If Dad’s a gear-head or just likes cars this Android app called Torque Pro should be in his garage. It’s an onboard diagnostic app that connects to the car’s computer by Bluetooth. It’ll display a custom made dashboard that’ll show the vehicle’s performance, emissions readout, transmission temperatures, and it’ll reset those annoying fault lights. 

Torque Pro is $5. Sorry, iPhone users, this one’s just for androids.

If Dad spends time on the course, he’ll be glad you put Golfshot in his bag. This app uses GPS and satellite images to show details about over 40,000 golf courses. It’ll show how far to hit it, and how far you hit it on every hole. It gives the yardage for layups, and it can learn how far you normally hit each club. Golfshot is a $30 app and is one of the highest rated golf apps. It works for Androids and iPhones.

Don’t forget, you can shop for and choose a specific app to give dad, rather than give him an App Store gift card.

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