Merryman House named XBM grand prize winner

KeeFORCE has named Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center in Paducah the grand prize winner in this year’s Xtreme Business Makeover. 

The annual contest, held for the fifth time this year, focused on nonprofit businesses for 2015. Merryman House was one of three finalists, along with New Pathways for Children in Melber and Starfish Orphan Ministry in Paducah.

KeeFORCE announced Merryman House the winner of the $60,000 grand prize around 4 p.m. at the West Kentucky Community College Emerging Technology Center. In a news release sent in April, KeeFORCE said, in addition to the monetary prize, the grand prize package includes products and services from the 29 business partners that support XBM.

“I just feel grateful…you know, every nonprofit knows what their needs are,” Merryman House Executive Director Mary Foley said.

Foley said she knows her’s isn’t the only nonprofit with needs, but as executive director she knows what Merryman House’s needs are, not only for clients, but for staff and the organization as a whole. 

“And this package really does address that other part…of service providing, and the other part of nonprofit, which is just building that capacity and really strengthening the organization’s presence in the community,” Foley said of the grand prize. “So I’m grateful and humbled.” 

The domestic crisis center executive director added that she’s blessed to do her work with the organization, and she meets “the bravest people” every day there. 

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