Search for burglary suspects spans four counties

Local law enforcement need your help finding two people they say are involved in a string of burglaries.   

Christopher Adam Sheridan, 31, and Brooke Stevens, 34, are facing charges and wanted for questioning in Crittenden, Caldwell, Webster, and Hopkins Counties.

Crittenden County Sheriff Wayne Agent said he was notified they were spotted in his county about a month ago. It was in the Shady Grove area. Agent said the couple was on a four-wheeler and law enforcement did find them, but the suspects got away when they entered the woods there. 

Agent believes they’re avoiding arrest by moving between the counties and staying in the woods. He’s worried they might be dangerous. 

“We think they’re probably getting desperate,” he said. “We don’t know what they’re planning on doing.” Agent said they recovered guns from the woods in the Shady Grove area. The most recent tips they’ve received have also reported that the couple has at least one gun. 

Other items they are stealing include four-wheelers, ATVs, clothing and food. Agent said he believes someone is helping them, too. 

If you have any information, he asks you call 9-1-1. That way, they get the information quickly. 

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