Concerts to go on as scheduled despite rain

Jamey Johnson and Eric Church are set to rock the stage at Black Diamond Harley-Davidson, but Mother Nature may have other plans.

Wind and rain aren’t expected to stop the concerts, but they could cause delays.

Black Diamond Harley-Davidson owner Shad Zimbro says each singer has signed on to sing for a minimum of two hours, and the only thing that could delay the concerts from starting on time is excessive wind or lightning.

Zimbro says despite the remnants of Tropical Storm Bill bringing rain to the area, the stage at Black Diamond Harley-Davidson is ready to rock.

“The first inch or so is dirt and after that you’re on an old coal mine,” said Zimbro. “It’s all coal underneath here, also known as gob. It’s not that muddy, no matter how much rain we get. We might get a little mud, but come on it’s southern Illinois.”

After storms put a damper on parts of Herrin Festa Italiana, Zimbro spent a little extra cash to make sure the crowd got their money’s worth.

“We have a stage setting up here that has the walls on it, so a little rain isn’t going to hurt it,” said Zimbro. “You can see them back there working on it now, setting up all of the sound equipment. It’s going to go, we’ll have a good show.”

Once inside the concert, lightning and rain aren’t the only concerns. With as many as 25,000 people expected in the concert area, Zimbro is putting an emphasis on safety.

“There will be medical tents, and there is going to be all kinds of things,” said Zimbro. “We’re expecting about 25,000 people to come through, and we’re prepared for it. We went ahead and got extra security. We’ll have everything set up for it.”

Weather isn’t the only concern this weekend because parking in the area is at a premium. To find out the best places to park so you can quickly get to your car click here.

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