Local rescue squad to get drone

Thanks to a private donation, the Marshall County Rescue Squad is eagerly awaiting the delivery of its new drone. 

Chief Curt Curtner and Assistant Chief Brian Morrison traveled to Denver, Colorado, for a week of training at the manufacturing facility, Geotech. 

“This is not a hobby drone,” said Curtner. He told Local 6 it’s equipped with a high definition camera, night vision, and heat sensors. Morrison said it will be the most beneficial in searches, especially those involving the elderly or children. 

“We’ll be able to do, in a matter of minutes what in the past would have taken us two or three hours,” Morrison said. They both know from experience minutes matter when searching for loved ones. 

Curtner said he knows there are some people who are uncomfortable with the idea of drones, and in hopes to calm some fears the department will host an open house when their drone arrives so people can see how it works. 

“I hope our community is assured that if they see us out with our drone they’re going to know it’s either a legitimate training or an emergency,” Curtner said. 

He added that in the near future they’ll be able to reveal who donated the money. He said it was in excess of $30,000 because it included the drone and the training. He said it wouldn’t be possible to do their jobs as well as they do without the support of the community. 

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