Hotel coming to downtown Paducah

“The puzzle pieces are coming together,” Paducah Mayor Gayle Kaler said about LinGate Hospitality bringing a Holiday Inn downtown. Kaler says it has been a struggle for years.

The hotel will be equipped with 123 rooms and stand five stories tall. Its location is next to the convention center, where the dome pavilion was housed. Three stories will have river views. LinGate says the hotel will have a nice courtyard effect. The group will also bring Another Broken Egg restaurant into the hotel.

LinGate CEO Glenn Higdon said he first considered Paducah as a possible location while attending AQS QuiltWeek. 

Higdon says financing won’t be a problem because the company works with more 80 banks and investors. 

“I have never not completed a deal I’ve committed to, and I’ve committed to this one,” Higdon said.

LinGate accepted local bids, although the hotel is a replica of one built in Owensboro and a cost has already been assessed through that contractor. Higdon says he promised the Mayor that he would give the community a chance at the job. Construction may start as soon as October 1st.

LinGate would take over for Senate Hospitality at the convention center as soon as a contract is drafted.

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