Staying safe on the farm

Google “most dangerous jobs” and every list you see will have farming in the top ten, if not top three.

As a fourth generation farmer, and a board member of the Kentucky Soybean Association, Allen Pace wants to do his part to spread the word on safety.

“You think about ‘I should have done this, I should have done that to prevent it’… well now is the time to start thinking about it instead of after the accident,” said Pace.

Pace has seen amazing advancements in technology over the years. Modern equipment is plastered with placards. Pace says don’t take those messages for granted.

“Read it! Look and see what it says. They’re trying to tell you that there is a safety concern there,” said Pace.

Safety is more of a concern on the farm than ever before. But Pace says most injuries still come from three things: roll-overs, falls from high places likes bins, and moving parts like augers and PTO shafts.

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