Free dental care for veterans

It’s something we all need, but not everyone can afford – dental checkups. A Delta Dental report shows 81% of people with dental benefits saw a dentist two times or more a year, only 34% of people without insurance got the same amount of preventive care.

More than 300 Aspen Dental Care offices across the nation offered free care to veterans on Saturday. Paducah’s location saw 40 patients. Services range from cleanings, to fillings, to even extractions.

Dentist David Elrod said it’ll save veterans an average of $200. He said he doesn’t mind working for free on this day, because these checkups are very important.

“For my staff, it’s just a huge impact knowing that they’re making a difference and we see it on the faces of the patients… When they come in they’re very thankful. You know, we get a lot of tears. We get a lot of thanks, a lot of hugs, and it just makes an impact,” Elrod said.

Marine Corp Veteran Jimmy Cole said he’s thankful for the free cleaning and is happy veterans are being helped.

“It’s really great, a true blessing. It’s just nice for veterans to be appreciated,” Cole said.

In our area- Aspen Dental in Paducah, Marion, IL, and Mt Vernon took part.

Free dental care at Aspen offices is part of the Healthy Mouth Movement. It’s a community giving initiative that started last year to help give free dental care and oral health care education to people in need.

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