Plane crashes, man suffers minor injuries

A McCracken County man managed to walk away from a plane crash Saturday afternoon.

McCracken County deputies and firefighters with the Hendron Fire Department were called to the 7100 block of Old Houser Road for a report of an ultralight plane crash.  Deputies located a yellow ultralight plane with significant damage underneath the power lines on Old Houser Road.

61 year-old Terris Sullivan of McCracken County said he was flying the ultralight plane and was attempting to land in a field. He said his approach was too fast and he was accelerating into a climb to circle back around when the wind caught the ultralight, pushing the plane to the right and down to the ground.

Sullivan said he wasn’t going to be able to clear the power lines so he attempted to go underneath the lines and the ultralight clipped the telephone cables causing him to crash.

He suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital for those injuries.

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