What the Tech: Social Media Day

Most holidays are made up right? So June 30 is Social Media Day. 

It’s the sixth year for a day we’re supposed to celebrate what is, for most of us, the most important thing on the World Wide Internet.

But is this a day to celebrate, or to reflect on how much social media has taken over our lives?

To find out I got social with folks in real life. Hear what they had to say about the social media sites they use in the video above. 

Care to guess the average amount of time Americans spend on social media? 

Across all age groups, we spend an average of 42 minutes a day on Facebook alone. If these folks polled are telling the truth, that means there are people who are spending hours each day just on Facebook.

Social media day was launched in 2010 by the popular website Mashable. Several cities proclaimed June 30 an official holiday, and events happen around the country —mostly online.

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