What the Tech: iOS 8.4 and a Facebook update

iOS 8.4 isn't one of Apple's biggest updates, but it does feature the new Apple music. The streaming service is aiming to give Spotify and Google Music a run for their money.

Here's what Apple users need to know about the update:

It takes a little while to download, it took me around 30 minutes. You'll find the update under the settings tab. It isn't a big update so you may not need to delete any files before it will install.

Apple Music: like the premium Spotify you can play music on demand. Pick any song or album and you'll be able to listen to it, ad free.

When you open the newly redesigned music player, you're given the option to add some of your favorite artists and genres.

 Apple Music then gives you customized playlists based on your choices.

You'll get three months free, but then, you have to unsubscribe. I got this e-mail stating that if i don't make the move to unsubscribe before Sept. 30, I'll be automatically charged $10 a month.

That's a bad move, Apple.

Android fans, you're out of luck for now. Apple says it'll have an Android version this fall.

A big update for Facebook: The social network is giving users one of the best anti-malware programs on the market. Whenever you're using Facebook, Kaspersky will scan your computer looking for malware, and if it finds any, it'll remove it for you.

That's a good move by Facebook, since a large percentage of malware today is spread through facebook.

Facebook said in the past three months Kaspersky has protected the computers of around 260,000 users.

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