I Am Local 6: Buggy Blazers, workout for mom and baby

After having a child, losing the baby weight can be tough on a mom. There's a group in McCracken County that is blazing through Noble Park with their children in tow.

The name of the group is Buggy Blazers.  Their mission is to get healthy with their babies.

Noble Park is buzzing with the Buggy Blazers as Julia Hill takes the running option to the next workout station.

"I wanted to do something that I could do with my kid and get a great workout —kill two birds with one stone," said Hill

Lindsay Zeiler, a trained track and field athlete, started Buggy Blazers as a way for moms to get up and get moving with their children.

"Everyone has something that they're reaching for. We're just here as a group that can support each other," said Zeiler.

It's a full-body workout with intervals of cardio.

"You can come to Buggy Blazers, fit in and feel like you can workout at your own ability," said Zeiler.

You are working out with your baby by doing baby presses, kissing crunches and dancing.

"This is a way that I can put myself first, and I don't feel guilty about it. I can bring my kids along," said Leah Tilley.

"I definitely feel a lot stronger, and that helps me be a better mom," said Hill.

When you get short of breath or you have a short attention span, it's off to the next station. The program is a year in the making, but Tilley is already seeing results.

"I have triceps for the first time in my life. I have triceps," said Tilley.

The Buggy Blazers meet every Tuesday and Thursday morning. For more information, you may go to their group on Facebook

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