Farmers deal with flooded crops after heavy rainfall

We've had a lot of rain, and it's now flooding rivers and damaging crops across the area.

About 50 acres of soy bean crops in Livingston County now looks more like a river than a crop.

"Probably about 5 feet higher than it should be this time of year, 5 to 6 feet," said Roger Boyd,  an area farmer and crop adviser for Parish and Hooks Farms.

Boyd says it could be weeks before the soy beans can be re-planted.

"It's time and extra expenses in a time where margins are slim already." 

He says he only expects the water to get higher.

At the Livingston County Farm Service Agency, Nina Hunt gets crop reports from farmers each year telling her which crops they have growing and where.

"We haven't had a lot of crop reports, which is unusual," Hunt said. 

She said she sees farmers across the state struggling to get reports in.

"We've had a lot that have failed," Hunt said. "They've had to replant a lot of their corn."

If this keeps up, Hunt says, farmers won't be the only one's hurting from the damage. "Of course, later down road it will affect prices because we won't have enough crops," she said. 

Hunt says there's still some time to harvest before the winter hits.

"Once we get it in the ground I think we're going to be okay," Hunt said. 

Farmers like Boyd can only cross their fingers the crops dry out soon.

"It's not devastating, but it's tough," he said.

The hope is the flooded areas will dry up in another week or two, and that's when farmers can re-plant the crops.

The flooding is affecting crops including soy beans, wheat and corn in cities along rivers all the way to the Tennessee border.

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