Teachers call for Superintendent’s resignation

School’s out for the summer, but teachers in one of our area's largest districts say they hope the superintendent doesn’t return this fall with the students.

The Carbondale Teachers Association recently passed a vote of no confidence on Carbondale Elementary School District No. 95. Superintendent Michael Shimshak citing lack of vision, trust and a divisive leadership style, as well as a violation of special education laws and frivolous expenditures.

"We're requesting that he resign from his position as our superintendent or that our school board will take action to find new leadership," said teacher Angela Grimmer.

Grimmer, who serves as the president of the Carbondale Education Association, says that Shimshak’s leadership is creating a divisive education environment that ultimately hurts children in the district.

"We don't have as much money available to spend on classroom items like paper, pencils, but expenditures for other things that don't directly affect students seem to be going up," said Grimmer.

"The state board of education rates your financial status as a district, and we've moved from watch and review in 2011 to recognition in 2014," said Shimshak.

Superintendent Shimshak says the district has improved in nearly every measure in this time, but the union’s claims aren’t completely unexpected.

"This kind of thing is to be expected because we're asking for transformational change in the district,” said Shimshak.  “They're asked to do a lot of work, and I think this is a result of that more than anything."

Despite the continued calls for his job, Shimshak says he will continue his work as superintendent.

The Carbondale Education Association is having ongoing contract negotiations with administrators at this time.

Their current deal does not allow them to strike due to lack of confidence in district leadership.

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