Dad saves 4-year-old daughter from flood

Dozens of people are dealing with effects from flash flooding in our region Tuesday. One father, Brian Willis, at Oak Crest Apartments in Paducah had to make a split-second decision to get his 4 year old to safety.

“I had actually gotten a weather alert text at 4 in the morning for a flash flood but, like anybody, I just kind of ignored it, you know," Willis said.

Willis said he went back to sleep in bed with his daughter Tuesday morning. Then he woke up to dripping.

“I put my feet down, and it was water and it was cold. I immediately grabbed her up put her on my shoulder, and we started trudging through the water,” Willis said.

He said as he went through the hallway he made sure all the lights were off and turned the air conditioner off. It's a situation Landlord Tony Couch said also happened to people living downstairs at other units at Oak Crest apartments.

“They were actually bringing people out on canoes through the front door right there,” Willis said.

Willis does not have flood or renter's insurance.

“More than anything, I'm just glad everybody's okay,” Willis said.

He's taking it upon himself to replace the sheet rock and start cleaning up his apartment. He said his landlord will help pay for his labor.

Willis says the landlord is planning on fixing the apartments.Crouch says everyone upstairs is able to stay in the apartment building. Crouch said only 8 units had to evacuate. He said the other affected units are townhouses and the downstairs are being quickly repaired and renovated so that the current tenants are not displaced.

If you need shelter Tuesday night, the American Red Cross has one open at the Paducah Recreation Center at 1527 Martin Luther King Boulevard.

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