Mounds, Illinois, police officer shot

UPDATE: The Associated Press reports the officer was identified as Lyle Womack.

Illinois State Police have reported a 16-year-old boy has been arrested regarding the shooting. The teen was shot, according to state police, when he exchanged gunfire with the officer before running away. He was taken into custody after he was released from a local hospital where he sought medical attention for a minor gunshot wound.

ISP says the juvenile was charged with attempted murder, and aggravated battery of a police officer with a firearm. He's being held at the Franklin County Youth Detention Center on $1 million bond.

A Mounds, Illinois, police officer was taken to an out-of-state hospital after being shot Wednesday morning.

Illinois State Police say the Pulaski Sheriff's Department got a call at 7 a.m. about a home break in at 902 3rd St. in Mounds.

Mounds police showed up to that home, and the suspect and an officer exchanged gunfire. Then the officer was shot, and the suspect ran away.

Police are not releasing the identity of the officer, whose condition is unknown at this time.

Police also had Oak Street and Sycamore Street blocked off about a half-mile from the home.

 Illinois State Police Officer G. W. Son says matters like these require a lengthy investigation to get all the facts.

“We do have a couple persons of interest identified, and the investigation is ongoing at this point. We do not believe the community is in any danger at this point,” Sons said.

John Cherry lives nearby and says he woke up to a phone call about it this morning.

 "People calling me asking me did I know about the manhunt, that an officer got shot,” Cherry said.   

He says it’s surprising because it’s quiet here.

"Well, you think it's fireworks. Not like the big city. You think it's fireworks, you know? Everything's peaceful. If you hear something unusual, everybody responds," Cherry said.

Other people in the area say they've noticed a string of break-ins as recent as Tuesday.

Police say investigations like these are lengthy and have not released any more information. shows the Mounds Police Department has four police officers. The Officer Down Memorial page shows the last and only time a Mounds officer died in the line of duty was in July of 1925: Chief Marshall Bagby.

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