Students, community rally around Confederate flag display at high school

The Confederate flag is banned from all school property in Obion County, but Wednesday night Obion County Central High School students and community members wanted to send the principal a message: the flag should stay.

"I'm glad that people are waking up and saying, 'Hey, this is not okay. You can't do this,'" said Brittany Ivester.

Ivester and Candice Green are Obion County Central graduates. They supported the flag as students and still do.

"The Confederate flag has always been here. It's just part of the history," Ivester said. "This is where I went to school. This is where my husband and everybody else is from. This is where my children will go to school," Green added.

The school's principal and district superintendent decided to paint over it after the shootings in Charleston and the debates that followed. The district has a policy against the use of the flag on students' clothing or on on-campus vehicles.

The principal and superintendent didn't want to appear on camera, but a school board member did. Keisha Hooper said she believes the sign should be left alone. "We have been OBCC Rebels since as long as I've known, and I support staying with the Rebel Man and the rebel flag," she said.

It's a symbol of pride for Ivester. She thinks the school is over-stepping its authority. "You should rally the school board together. Let the community know and the people come out and speak their piece and vote on it," she said.

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