Using severe weather alerts to keep you and your family safe

Severe weather alerts on all different media platforms are available to help keep you and your family safe.

Bad weather is far from Lucas and his grandmother Brenda Gagnons's minds as they spend some time at the park.

"We just take our chances," Gagnon said.

She says she plays it by ear, not using technology other than her television every so often to warn her about severe weather.

"If it starts raining, you know, we'll head into our car," Gagnon said.

At the McCracken County Emergency Management Office it's a different story. Emergency Management Director Jerome Mansfield and the rest of the crew rely on alerts to inform the public about severe weather, like this week's flash flooding.

"There are a variety of means to get weather alert messages with the technology we have now," Mansfield said. 

Alerts are available for your radio, TV and phones.

"I think that lives have bee saved," Mansfield said. 

But he says many people don't use the tools available to them.

"I think there might be some unfamiliarity with how a device or iPhone works," Mansfield said.

Gagnon says she's ready to look into more options to keep her and Lucas safe.

"I may be here at the TV, I may be in my car or here at the park," she said.

Local 6 has a few mobile options available to you. You can download Weather Call, which alerts you if you're in the path of a storm. You can also get text and mobile alerts sent straight to your phone. All severe weather is posted on facebook and twitter. 

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