What the Tech: the pros of owning an iPhone

Last time I gave you seven ways Androids are better than iPhones. From their expandable storage, to the number of choices, to using the phone as a TV remote.

But, obviously, iPhones do some things better than Androids. Here's a list of why you might prefer the iPhone.

First, iPhones are incredibly simple to use. They are more intuitive and consistent. Toss a two year old an iPhone, and they'll figure it out quickly. iTunes itself is pretty awesome, and the App Store is easier to navigate that the Google Play store. 

Apple generally gets the best apps long before they're available for Android devices too. This may be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Apple keeps tight control over which apps get listed in iTunes, and if they don't meet certain community standards they'll get booted. Apple doesn't play around when it comes to pornographic, violent or other content it feels is obscene. 

You can't download apps from another source, unless you go to the trouble of what's called jailbreaking an iPhone. Most of us won't do that. 

Because of that, iPhones are pretty safe from hackers, as opposed to Android devices that need an anti-virus/anti-malware tool to keep from getting hacked through bad apps.

iPhones can send iMessages to other iphones that don't count against your texting minutes. When a new iOS operating system comes out, it'll work on nearly every iPhone except those that are around five years old. When a new Android operating system comes out, it'll only work with a select number of phones before rolling out to other devices weeks, or maybe months later.

Which one is best? It's different for each user. But in terms of useability and stability, the winner is an iPhone.

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