Marshall County 9 year old spends day at the White House

Marshall County 9 year old Izzy Washburn was invited to the Kids' State Dinner after she developed a healthy alternative for school lunches. Her recipe for a Shake It Up Turkey Roll earned her the ticket to D.C. and some recognition from the first lady.

"She did a science experiment comparing school lunches to the lunches her friends bring from home," Michelle Obama announced to a crowd. 

Washburn found a few quick minutes in her day Friday to share her experience with Local 6 over the phone.

"She said 'We can talk more. You're sitting at my table,' and I was shocked then," Izzy said.

To her surprise, she was seated right next to Michelle Obama.

"We were asking what her favorite movie was, what her favorite book was, and what movie she's been on," Izzy said.

The surprises didn't stop there. She got to meet the nation's Commander in Chief.

"He shook my hand and said, 'Nice to meet you, how are you?' and I said 'good,'" Izzy said. 

Izzy said she hopes this visit sends a message to her friends.

"I would tell them small little things can go far," she said.

Because, she says, doing something small got her the opportunity of a lifetime.

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