Experts say urban areas get hit the worst by flash flooding

Experts will tell you it's hard to predict exactly when and where flash flooding will happen. Hydrologists at Murray State University say they can make educated guesses. They also say some areas may be impacted more than others.

Brian Price's neighborhood on Oakcrest Drive was hit hard by flash flooding last week

"I could have actually launched my boat back here and ran it," Price said.

He says when he came outside one week ago water was everywhere.

"This was a complete and utter shock, and it was unfortunate the system stalled in our area," Price said.

That system is a series of creeks that flow into Perkins Creek and runs through the neighborhood

"Your creeks and your streams are going to drain water from the storm," said Gary Stinchcomb, assistant professor of Geosciences at Murray State University.

He says once the creeks fill with water, there's no where else to go.

"Sometimes when you have a storm that's too intense, you'll have flooding in low lying areas," Stinchcomb said.

Stinchcomb says in rural areas with more trees and soil, soil will soak up water like a sponge. He says if you're in a more urban area with more concrete, the water is going to hit the concrete and slide right off.

Stinchcomb says many Paducah neighborhoods like Oakcrest Drive are full of urban land cover, like concrete, making them easier to flood. It's a thought that leaves Price concerned for the future of his home.

"What else is to come?" Price asked. 

Price says this is the second time in two years the neighborhood experienced a major flooding event. 

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