County leaders want more conversations in land clearing at LBL

There are strong opinions about what the U.S. Forest Service should, and should not, do with thousands of acres of land at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.

Even stronger is the united front Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White and others have in making sure they approve any future land clearing.

"All it takes is a visit. You can't see through the woods. You can't walk through the woods," said Richy Moore. He spends many of his off days at LBL. He attended a Thursday night informational meeting in Lyon County to better understand the current negotiations with the Forest Service. He said this summer's listening sessions need to go a step further.

"We want to start seeing actions come about from those," Moore said. 

The latest plan, which called for logging and burning of Pisgah Bay, was scrapped by LBL Area Supervisor Tina Tilley. She said taking a step back is important, but that doesn't mean doing nothing.

"Having a healthy forest and one that folks will want to come visit is a major role in that," Tilley said.

Tilley says smaller projects are being considered, including replacing culverts and rerouting trails to stop degradation. White said he's pleased with Tilley's efforts to work with the public and urges her to be upfront with any new changes.

"I think that's going to be a good time; move into working together and seeing what we can do to make LBL all that it can be," White told Local 6.

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