Send your kid back to school in style

We have started the countdown.  Kids across the Local 6 region are about three weeks away from returning to school.

Every week until then we are committed to helping you get yourself and your kids ready to return to the classroom. We are talking about back to school shopping.  Getting ready to return to the classroom is about much more than pens and paper for students. It is all about the clothes, the shoes and the haircuts.

It is a busy time of year for hair stylist Sharon Young.

"Our Saturdays are ridiculous busy, we are usually swamped, lots of walk ins, lots of appointments, during school time, it's nonstop," said Young.

It is also a busy time for kids heading back to school.  For some kids, like Caroline Barrow the excitement of going back to school is not really exciting at all.  However, a new look could help with that.

"All the girls seem to be going for longer layers or asymmetrical, under cuts are big right now," said Young.

If you would like a new hair style for back to school, but you don't know what to get, ask your stylist.

"We analyze it, see what kind of hair they have, what needs to be done. ask them what kind of cut they are going for and give them options if we don't agree with their hair cut, some haircuts don't go with certain hair types," said Young.

Caroline and her mom Christy started coming to Sharon about a year ago.

"I use to have really short hair and bangs, but then my friends said I looked cute without bangs, so I started growing them out," said Caroline.

Christy said she relies on Sharon for the latest trends.

"It is definitely a girl's outing, usually when I come we both come, Caroline likes to have her hair braided, Sharon is good about keeping up with different styles, I come because it's enjoyable," said Christy.

Helping kids get a head start before the school year and leaving kids like Caroline feeling good and looking great.

Caroline and Christy told me they really do not have any arguments over hairstyles or fashion trends, but that is not the case for everyone. So what happens when kids asks for a cut or color mom or dad have not approved? At Regis Salon, the short answer… It is a no go.

"There are some teenagers who try to come in here without mom, but we have to have a parent signature when we are doing chemicals, so we can't do it anyways if they don't bring mom," said Sharon.

Regis Salon is located in Kentucky Oaks Mall.

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