Camp encourages kids to follow their dreams

NubAbility attracts children born without fully developed limbs from around the world looking to maximize their athletic strengths.

Four years ago just 19 kids attended. This year 150 campers came to Du Quoin, Illinois, for NubAbility.

Growing up in Du Quoin, Illinois, Sam Kuhnert always stood out from the other kids.

"Early on you would get picked on as a kid, but I had the benefit of being bigger than all of the other kids," said Kuhnert.

Kuhnert was born with a limb difference, but he never let it hold him back.

"I played four years of varsity sports," said Kuhnert. "I played every sport other than basketball. After three years I focused on baseball, and I went and played a year at Greenville College."

After college, Kuhnert started NubAbility to encourage kids with limb differences to chase their own dreams.

Jennifer Black and her 14-year-old daughter Shae came all the way from New York to tap into Shae's basketball potential.

"Where we're from there's not with the same condition as my daughter, so she wanted to meet more people like her. So I thought this was a great opportunity to do that," said Jennifer.

"Now people can teach me how to use my disability to my advantage, and I want to see if I can do that," said Shae.

"That's what's awesome is watching these kids turn from being a camper and into a coach," said Kuhnert.  "That's how we're going to grow, and keep going."

For the first time ever NubAbility had a camper drop out. That's because his skills earned him a spot on the U.S. National Football Team.

The NubAbility camp runs all weekend and features a 5K Saturday morning for everyone.

For a full list of NubAbility events click here

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