First responders urge caution in extreme heat

Some jobs require workers to be out in the elements, including the snow and the summer heat. That includes first responders.

Firefighters often add 80 to 100 pounds of equipment and clothing when responding to a call. A couple weeks ago, a local firefighter received treatment for heat exhaustion. He became overwhelmed from the heat while fighting a fire.

Heat exhaustion can be deadly if you don't stay hydrated. Aaron Carter, a firefighter with the Hendron Fire Department, urges you to check on your neighbors, especially the elderly.

"We have a lot of older folks who are going outside, doing their daily chores or their yard work and before you know it, you're becoming overheated. One thing we stress is to keep large quantities of water and stay hydrated. Do your yard work early in the day, late in the evening," Carter said.

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