Paducah police spreading good will to do-gooders

Officers patrol the streets of Paducah generally scouting for wrongdoers or troublemakers, but this time Paducah Police Community Resource Officer Gretchen Morgan is looking for something else in town.

She says the city officers have been rewarding those kids in town doing good deeds either helping pick up trash, wearing bike helmets, or helping their parents with chores. Morgan says although there are some up to mischief, it's not all the time.

Morgan says rewarding the good deeds with chicken sandwich coupons help spread good will to children as well as to the adults.

"Let them know police officers are out there to keep them safe and we're watching to make sure they're staying safe," Morgan says.

The camp counselor in charge, Nancy Goodwin, says it's more than the small token that her kids will remember.  "They're not just passing out tickets. They're also passing out good deeds," she says.

Morgan says Chick-Fil-A donated the coupons. The department will continue to reward the good deeds along their patrols until the coupons run out.

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