Surfaces heat up in scorching weather

The everyday things we touch are heating up in this weather, and could even be dangerous.

Melissa Porter's sons aren't letting the heat stop them from getting out and having some fun at Noble Park. Porter says for her family getting outside is a must.

"We got to get some of their energy out, otherwise they're just bouncing around off the walls inside," she said.

But in this weather, some of her boys' favorite things at the park are almost too hot to touch.

"The metal on the merry-go-round and the chains on this," Porter's oldest son pointed out the hottest equipment.

Using a Meterman thermometer, we found out the metal on the merry-go-round was really hot, reading 113 degrees Fahrenheit. The chains on one structure were 115 degrees.

"It feels very hot," said Porter's son.

It doesn't stop there. The rubber children walk on at the playground read 160 degrees. Even the places you might go to cool off are heating up. The concrete at the park's neighboring pool was 115 degrees.

Porter says she's already thinking about how she and her sons will avoid the heat this weekend. 

"Well, I try to stay in the shade as much as possible. The shade makes a big difference," she said.

In this weather, that may not be a bad idea.

But, if you're headed outside this weekend, don't let the shade fool you. A bench sitting in the shade this afternoon was almost 110 degrees according to the thermometer.
Something else to watch out for: the inside of your car. The steering wheel in the car had one of the hottest surfaces the thermometer read. It was about 160 degrees after the car had been sitting out in the sun. 

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