More motorcycles on the road prompt safety message from dealership

Defense driving is the key when driving a motorcycle and staying safe. No matter how experienced a person is, many experts say it’s always a good idea. “They're a better driver in their vehicle to leave because they're more aware of their surroundings by having this course,” according to Brady Capps of Four Rivers Harley Davidson.

He adds, with proper training motorcycles are very safe. Randall Riley, who has been riding for nearly 3 decades, says he agrees. He’s learned through trial and error that you really have to look out for other drivers. “You got a watch all the time for people and kind of read their mind you,” he said.

These classes could put money in your pocket, too. Capps says many insurance companies offer discounts for complete the course.

Sergeant William Gilbert with Paducah Police says he hasn’t been on a bike in a while, but he used to love to hit the road on one. He also knows this time of year means more accidents. He says classes and training will help, but it will never be as safe as a four door vehicle.

All three, the dealer, police official, and biker agree: the key to being safe on a bike is being defensive and alert.

The classes at four rivers are every other week. The cost is $100 for Kentucky residents and $175 for those out-of-state. 

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