Paducah Power offers energy audits

If you've been watching Local 6 Today you know that Johnette Worak recently had a power audit on her home to find the energy leaks. That, after getting 3 consecutive power bills that were upwards of $450.

That audit showed her house had some serious energy leaks so she and her husband are busy weather stripping the doors. They've had their H-VAC system cleaned, and even put up a clothesline.

Johnette also talked to Paducah Power about what the company is doing on its end to lower rates. Marketing director, Andrea Underwood immediately pointed to the company's new, lower, power cost adjustment. It will save customers about $5 for every 1000 kilowatts of electricity they use. Most people will save between $5 and  $10 a month.

Underwood says she knows it's not a lot, and  people are frustrated, which is why the company also offers power audits for people to see where they can save.

"We look at usage and try to find clues as to what's going on,  and we go to their house to look and see what can be done to help," she says..

The idea being if you can't lower what the power company charges, you can at least control how much energy you use. For instance this summer, you can raise your thermostat.

"For every one or two degrees you raise the temperature, you save three to five percent," says Underwood.

And something you may not realize, for every dollar you lower your bill, you lower other bill charges as well. For instance, what you pay for school taxes.

When Johnette's monthly bill was $137, she paid just $4 in school taxes. When it grew to $520, the tax more than tripled to $15. Same goes for the late charge. It is a percentage of the bill, not a flat fee.

To show you the difference, on $137, the late penalty is about $6. On the $520 dollar bill, it grows to $25.25.

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