Helping college bound students prepare for the school year

The countdown is on.  Students across the Local 6 region are getting ready to head back to school.

Every week until then, we will be helping you get your kids ready to return to the classroom, but what if you are sending your child off to college for the first time.

For parents, well it is not easy.  For students, living away from home tends to be the toughest adjustment for first-year students.

However, do not worry. Local 6's Mychaela Bruner is here to help your college bound student feel more at home when they head off to school.

A set of sheets, pillows, a comforter, alarm clock, just a few of the necessities you need before heading to college.

"The must-haves of course are your bed, you want your bed to mimic the bed at home," said Kim Lesch with Bed Bath & Beyond.

"Most dorm rooms the mattress is maybe five inches tall and has been used over the years, so we recommend getting a bug protector and some kind of topper for comfort and of course you have to finish it off and make it pretty for your style," said Lesch.

Lesch suggests decking out your dorm room so it makes you feel relaxed.

"You sleep, you eat and you study in your dorm room, so you want to have an atmosphere that makes you comfortable, makes you want to learn and study, bright colors, for boys we have your blues and grays and of course everything has to coordinate," said Lesch.

Tiny dorm rooms mean you better get organized.

"We have these that you can put sweaters, shoes, towels in and over there is the jewelry organizer, then your plastics, plastics make good storage for books, snacks," said Lesch.

Lesch said it is not easy packing for college; however, at Bed Bath & Beyond there are resources to help you.

"We have school information pages that are very specific to that university, it lists what you can and can't bring… The more fun you have with your room, the neater it is," said Lesch.

Each checklist is specific to the university.

Click here for Murray State University's checklist.

Click here for the checklist for University of Tennessee at Martin.

Click here for the checklist for Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

For Southeast Missouri State's checklist, click here.

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