Local school rushing to clean up mold growth

UPDATE July 27: McCracken County Public Schools says progress has been made in the cleanup of Heath Middle School.

MCPS spokeswoman Jayme Jones tells Local 6 that 95 percent of the cleanup is complete, and the school system will have the results from an air sample taken Monday sometime Tuesday morning. 

ORIGINAL STORY July 23: The doors are temporarily closed at Heath Middle School in McCracken County because of mold.

After a compressor failed over the weekend, warm air came through the vents along with moisture. According to McCracken County Schools Superintendent Quin Sutton, it’s going to big project to complete in a short period of time.

“All of the downstairs of Heath Middle School and we found some mold growth in three rooms of the upstairs,” Sutton said.

Considering this is an emergency situation, the school board met and was able to expedite the process or selecting between two bidders. The ultimate choice was I-MAC of Calvert City. The crew will begin tomorrow morning removing ceiling tiles and scrubbing walls and floors. The cleanup will not exceed $85,000.

Sutton says an insurance policy will provide about $15,000. That will pay for new ceiling tiles. The rest will come out of their budget.  

“We’re doing this the right way. Professionally. And we’ve got time to get it done before kids get back in class,” Sutton added.

I-MAC plans to complete the project by Tuesday. An air composition check will then be conducted to ensure that no mold spores are in the air.

The board hopes that registration will take place at 6 p.m. If the project is delayed for any reason, the board says that may relocate registration for Heath Middle.

This isn’t black mold; however, it could cause coughing, irritation of the throat or eyes and skin problems. The board unanimously voted in favor of this expenditure. They felt that safety of the middle school students and faculty is a top priority. 

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