Thick grass on roadways creates burden for drivers and mowing crews

Many drivers are dealing with thick grass blocking their view as they pull onto area roadways. State transportation crews say record rainfall has made highways and interstates hard to maintain.

"I ain't never seen nothing like it before," said Kenny Foy, a homeowner in Lynnville. 

In 63 years of living in Graves County, Foy says this is a new problem.

"Five foot tall grass is not safe," Foy said.

He's talking about tall grass and thick weeds on major highways, interstates and roadways throughout western Kentucky.

"You couldn't see deer, and the traffic flow was slow," Foy said. 

Crews have been out mowing the highway, but KYTC spokesman Keith Todd says there's no doubt his people are behind.

"If you got rain in one week, that's three days you can't mow," Todd said.

He says they are working hard to make progress.

"Our crews are mowing as fast as they can go," Todd said.

People, like Foy are starting to notice.

"As long as they get them done, that's great. That's wonderful," Foy said.

If you see a dangerous spot of vegetation on your drive, Todd says to call your local highway maintenance facility. He says they will at least trim it if they think it's a hazard. You can find that number on the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's website

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