Six weeks after ribbon cutting, hospital still closed

When we go to the hospital we expect the best care possible, but one local hospital’s administrators say the state is preventing them from providing that.

In June, Pinckneyville Community Hospital administrators welcomed in the public to its brand new $25 million facility.

Six weeks later they have yet to admit a single patient because they haven’t received their state occupancy permit.

After close to 60 years in operation, Pinckneyville Community Hospital CEO Randall Dauby says the old facility is showing its age.

"Sometimes we're worried that the boilers are going to keep working or the electricity is going to keep flowing, so we're hoping to get out of here as soon as we can," said Dauby.

Dauby had hoped to be in the new $25 million hospital by now, but without a certificate of occupancy from the Illinois Department of Public Health the facility has yet to see a single patient.

"They found a few things with some doors, and we have to wait for state approval. So, hopefully that is going to come this week,” said Dauby.  “Then our plans kick into full speed."

Once administrators are given permission to move out of the old building, they will then begin the process of moving all the medical equipment two miles to the brand new hospital. 

Once the equipment reaches the new hospital, it will still take a few weeks for the staff to get it ready for patients.

"We had a lot of specialty services come in to the facility,” said Dauby.  “People can come in and get their labs and x-rays without having to travel out of town to see their cardiologist or they have oncology services here and cardiopulmonary services."

If the hospital receives final approval by the IDPH by the end of the week, the multimillion dollar facility could be accepting patients by Labor Day.

After the move, the old Pinckneyville hospital will temporarily be used for storage until the hospital board makes a final decision on whether to sell or demolish the property.

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