What the Tech: How to shoot video on your smartphone

There are millions of video cameras on the street right now so when something happens, someone's going to be shooting video.

But notice, the video doesn't look that good. We see it all the time, a skinny black frame with black bars on the side.

That's an easy fix. Here are five things you should do to make your smartphone video look professional.

First and foremost, turn your smartphone horizontally. The cameras on our phone rotate automatically and shoot wide-screen when held side-ways. This is the only way any of us should ever shoot video.

Remain steady. It'd be great if everyone had a tri-pod on them, or even a selfie-stick. But you can steady the smartphone still by bracing yourself against a door, wall, tree, or even a car. If you are not near those, use two hands and bring your elbows to your sides. The further you hold out your arms, the shakier it's going to be.

Don't zoom in by pinching your fingers on the screen. The video looks blurry and it accentuates any shaking. Shoot it normally, we can zoom in if needed.

Tap the screen to set the camera. To lock it, simply tap the screen on the subject you're shooting. That sets the lighting and focus.

Make sure you're rolling. Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you've got a great shot, only to find out you forgot to hit the record button or you hit it twice and it stopped.

Smartphone cameras are better than cameras tv stations were using 20 years ago. These tips will make the picture even better.

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