Paducah police warn against Facebook scam

The Paducah Police Department wants you to be aware of a Facebook scam recently reported to them by a local man. 

Police say the man reported that he got a message from a friend's account on the social media site claiming there was money available to him through the "Federal Govt & Private Grants Poverty Eradication Foundation." The man called the number included in the message and was told the "grants" are connected to unclaimed lottery money. 

The man was told he would have to pay "case file and IRS tax" fees, which increase with the amount of money given. For example, a $1,500 payment would get him $100,000 in grant money, a $10,000 payment would get him $1 million in grant money. Police say the man tried to contact his Facebook friend to let him know his account has been hacked. 

The Paducah Police Department said it wants to remind folks that any messages or emails like that are scams. Police advise that if you receive a message like the one described, delete it immediately. 

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