Rotary needs 900 volunteer shifts filled to build playground

In April, we learned about a new health park coming to Paducah. We are now learning about some of the components coming together to make it a popular attraction. The Rotary Club of Paducah is teaming up with the venture, opting to raise the funds and organize enough volunteers to build a playground.

It will be around 3,500 to 4,000 square feet. It is located near 13th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Play-by design out of New York is heading up the designs. They already have a concept after meeting with 150 local children to find out what they want out of a playground. Paducah Rotary President John Williams Jr. says the designer deliberated for six hours to come up with the current plan.

John Romang, who moved to Madison Street just a little over a year ago, says he’s excited.

“It’s going to be really nice to see everybody together and get them in an area where we can connect with other families,” Romang said. His two-year-old daughter Emilia is going to have another option for entertainment. And he says he thinks helping is a good idea.

“I enjoy it being a community project. If anything, it will help us all connect a little bit more and let us meet each other. I would have no problem volunteering once this all starts,” Romang said.

The project will be completed in just six days. There will be three four-hour shifts each day, and 50 people are needed for each shift. There are 900 volunteer vacancies that need to be filled. As of now, plans and costs are being finalized.

Costs will drop significantly as a result of it being built by the community. Paducah Parks Department Director Mark Thompson says a smaller playground at Noble Park cost nearly $300,000, and the new park is expected to cost half that because of the labor savings.

Williams added that failure is "not an option."

"The answer is we have 10 months to gather together the community to get this installation complete,” Williams said.  

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