Resources available for teens in crisis

An update to a story we first brought you Thursday night: McCracken County Sheriff's deputies say the baby found in the dumpster is healthy and doing well.

An employee found the newborn in this dumpster near Ligon's Motorcycle Repair on Berger Road. The sheriff's department says a 17 year old admitted to dumping the baby. He's charged with attempted murder, first degree criminal abuse, and tampering with physical evidence. Once the mother is out of the hospital, detectives say she'll be interviewed, and they'll decide whether to press charges.

Investigators we spoke with say they've never worked a case like this.

One local agency say it's not uncommon for teens to feel overwhelmed and give up on parenting. It's become a routine for Hope Unlimited staff like Anne Bidwell to assist parents in crisis.

"Suddenly we've got people who realize they're in charge of another life and that can be scary," said Bidwell.

That's where Hope Unlimited Family Care Center comes in, providing counseling, mentoring, and a prenatal medical center.

"What most people need is someone caring about them and telling them they can do it and giving them confidence," Bidwell said.

In a worst case scenario, Kentucky has a law will help overwhelmed parents get their children the proper care.

McCracken County Chief Deputy Mike Turnbow says since 2002, the "baby drop off" law allows parents to drop off a baby a at designated place. 

Under the law you can take a baby to a hospital, fire department, or a police department, and you don't even have to make it to the door. 

"They can actually walk up to a first responder, police officer, firefighter or paramedic, and they can go here," Turnbow said.

The baby is then taken to the hospital, and then put in the foster care system.

Agencies say there are a lot of options, it's about being aware of them.

Hope Unlimited says teens aren't the only parents they help. While it is common for teens, most of their clients are over the age of 20. Dozens are over the age of 35.   

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