Former veterinarian headed to trial in animal abuse case

We’re learning more details behind the raid of a former veterinarian’s Williamson County home.

Sixty animals were taken from the home of Elisa Kirkpatrick in May.

Investigators say not only were animals there being kept in unsanitary conditions, but that Kirkpatrick was performing surgeries on pets inside her home.

Kirkpatrick pleaded not guilty on nine misdemeanors and one felony count after a Williamson County judge found probable cause to proceed to trial.

Capt. Brian Thomas with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office testified that on May 22 deputies went to Kirkpatrick's home to serve a civil warrant, and they were concerned that Kirkpatrick was actually deceased inside when they smelled a foul odor. 

Upon further investigation, they found 60 animals inside, including a bobcat and an African serval, and deputies say there were multiple inches of feces on the floor. 

When deputies interviewed Kirkpatrick, she said she no longer had a veterinary license but had recently done surgeries on multiple pets. 

Kirkpatrick also allegedly told investigators power in the home had been off for weeks and she had three deep freezes full of dead animals in her basement that she simply could not dispose of. 

Kirkpatrick told Williamson County deputies that she knew that her home was not sanitary, though she felt she had sterilized the area before performing any surgeries on any of the animals. 

A trial date has been set for September 28 in Williamson County.

Kirkpatrick is currently out of jail on bond.

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