What the Tech: Cancer fighting app

It's been proven over and over again that online and mobile games have health benefits. But who would dream that an app is helping young children beat cancer? 

The app is called Re-Mission, a clever name for a clever game.

Now in it's second version…Re-Mission 2. The game puts players inside the body as a robot. The enemy…a cancer cell. Kids use weapons such as chemotherapy, antibiotics and the body's healthy immune cells to fight cancer…just like in real life. 

There are 6 games inside Re-Mission 2, all of them are designed for teenagers and young adults who are at risk of cancer outcomes due to the fact they don't always stick to their doctor's prescribed treatments.

The game, doctors and researchers have proven, activates brain circuits that result in positive emotions and motivations.

Doctors say there's scientific proof that the results of playing the game is associated with a shift in attitudes and emotions that boosts the player's adherence to prescribed chemo and antibiotic treatments. 

Researchers went so far as to use MRI to analyze brain activity. It showed a remarkable change in neural activity, while the young person was playing the game.

In interviews with patients who played the game, researchers determined the attitude toward fighting the disease were dramatically changed, and that patients perceived treatment as more important than they did before playing the game.

Bottom line: fighting cancer cells in a video game, motivates cancer patients to do what the doctor says and take their prescribed treatments and by having a more optimistic attitude.

Re-Mission 2 is a free app, available for both iOS and Android devices. The game can also be played online here.

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