Bridge closed for couple of hours overnight after semi hits stalled car

The I-24 Ohio River bridge was closed for approximately two hours Monday night after a semi hit a stalled car.

The McCracken County Sheriff's Department says two Illinois men were traveling westbound on the bridge when their car stalled.

The two men got out of the car and began running into eastbound traffic, telling troopers they were afraid they would be hit if they stayed in the car.

Moments later, a semi driver traveling westbound saw the stalled car with its flashes on and attempted to get into the other lane.

Due to a vehicle in the other lane, the semi was not able to get over and, being unable to stop, hit the back of the stalled car.

The crash caused fuel to spill on the bridge, which was cleaned up by emergency crews.

The bridge was closed for approximately two hours. No one was injured as a result of the crash.

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