South side of Mayfield’s downtown square gets pavilion

All the buildings on the south side of Mayfield's downtown square but one are coming down, but even some opponents say the renovation plans released today give them hope. The mayor says changes will revitalize the entire county.

Cars fill the parking lot across the street from Mayfield Mayor Teresa Cantrell's office.

"It does sure look a lot better to see people coming in to go shopping in CVS than a row of empty buildings," she said.

CVS is on the east side of Mayfield's town square, which was recently developed. Cantrell's says it's time to get even more people to town.

The south side of the downtown square is lined with empty, boarded up buildings, but First Kentucky Bank has this plan to turn it into an open air pavilion.

First Kentucky Bank announced plans turn the row of buildings into a pavilion it'll lease to the city for community events like farmers markets, concerts or Christmas bazaars.

"People want to say, 'Oh we want our downtown back like it was in the '50s or '60s,' Sorry, it's not happening," Cantrell said.

Cantrell says times are changing. 

"We just have not been able to keep businesses downtown," she said.

A grassroots group effort, Save Our Square, formed to save the south side's buildings.

"What we believed we were faced with a few months ago was no plan at all, just simple demolition of our history," said Clayton Howe with Save Our Square.

Howe says the plans give him hope for the future of Mayfield's downtown.

"It's definitely an interesting idea and something worthy of downtown," he said.

It's an idea that's moving forward, showing change is coming. First Kentucky Bank, which is paying for the construction, hopes to start demolition on these in early spring at the latest.

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