Groundbreaking marks new jobs in Graves County

More jobs and more pay. A job report released on Friday reiterates a rising job market. The unemployment rate held at 5.3% for a second straight month.
Employers added 215,000 jobs.

We're getting paid more too. The average hourly wage increased 2.1% compared to this time last year. Job growth isn't doing bad in Kentucky either. The state's unemployment rate in June dipped below the average to 5.1%.

One example is Graves County, where the president of the county's economic development says 100 new jobs have been created this year. He says that's well above average, and that unemployment has gone down by more than 2% over the last year. 

A groundbreaking at Hickory Industrial Park in Mayfield marks the beginning of construction on new building and job creation.  

"It's very difficult, I've had two babies," said mother Corie Cole.

Cole says for a busy mother, finding a job is not easy.

"It can be really hard, but when you find the right people to work for…" Cole said.

Cole started working for the Paducah-based company, Ingram's Water and Air Equipment seven years ago.

"It's amazing too have a full-time, dependable job," Cole said.

The company sells and delivers equipment, like air conditioning and water filters. Founder Doug Ingram says it has location's in other parts of the country, and is now building a central distribution site here.

"It takes a lot of people. A lot of help," said Ingram.
The site will create 20 jobs once it's up and running it will expand from there.

"Really what that shows is the economy is improving. We're having companies relocate, and companies here are growing and hiring," said Ryan Drane, President of the Graves County Economic Development. 

Drane says since January, 100 jobs have been created in the county. 

"It's a great sign not only for graves county and mayfield but all of west Kentucky.

A great sign for mothers, like Cole and anyone else in need of a job.
Ingram's owner hopes construction on the building is done by mid-November. They won't start hiring until then. Ingram says all jobs pay is above minimum wage. The exact amount an employee is paid will depend on the amount of experience and responsibility they have.

Ingram says once he's looking for employees he'll post it on his website and on job sites.

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