Be On The Lookout: Man sought in theft, intimidation case

Intimidation, theft, overpaying for a service. We have a serious warning tonight about a man still out there who sheriff's deputies say took advantage of a local elderly woman.

Investigators believe the man is 49-year-old Clarence Worley. His picture was captured on bank surveillance video. Worley is wanted in two Local 6 counties on felony theft over $1,000.

In late July, Weakley County, Tennessee, sheriff's deputies say he went to an elderly woman's home near Gleason and offered to clean the vinyl siding on her house for $300. When he finished the work, the bill was $4,800.
The elderly woman told deputies she felt threatened by him because he followed her into her home. She gave him a check, which he cashed at a local bank before returning to her home to pick up several co-workers.

Capt. Randall McGowan with the Weakley County Sheriff's Department says Worley was driving a light silver pickup truck that may have been a Dodge. It may have a Kentucky license plate. A man who Worley said was his business partner was driving a white pickup truck that may have been a Ford. He is described as Hispanic and had a younger man with him who also appeared to be Hispanic.
It turns out Worley is wanted in Carlisle County, Kentucky, for a similar crime.

McGowan says there are some lessons to be learned here. First, if someone shows up at your home offering to do work without you having called them first, it's a red flag.

He also says you should never pay money up front, and you need to get the price in writing before the work begins.

If you have any information about Worley or this crime, you're asked to call the Weakley County Sheriff's Department at 731-364-5454.

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