Dollar General withdraws from building next to subdivision

Dollar General is withdrawing its plans to build a new store on U.S. 45 near the McCracken County-Graves County line. People living in the Southern Pines neighborhood first began protesting the store in June.

Those living in the area had a problem with the classification of the land. The McCracken County Fiscal Court approved the acre of land as commercial.

It's the commercial land adjacent to the residential land of Southern Pines neighbors were unhappy with and, although those living in Southern Pines say Dollar General withdrawing is a success, their fight may not be over.

Vernon Neihoff says it's easy to get invested in the neighborhood when you care. And, for Neihoff, caring is the easy part because his neighbors are his family. He says they're not against Dollar General itself. They just don't want one next to their homes.

"If that was the only place out here, I could understand," says Neihoff.

Even though Dollar General abandoned its plans, changing the classification of the land means a long appeals process. Attorney Eddie Box says his clients are ecstatic. Box says the goal is to work out a resolution where everybody wins, but changing the land from commercial back to residential is still up in the air.

"It's a matter of getting all the parties together and discussing what our options are at this point until that happens," says Box.

Because, for Neihoff, the land his family lives on is not for sale.

"This is really precious to us because to us this is our family. This is our neighborhood. This is our village," says Neihoff.

As to whether the classification of the land will change, the County did file an answer on the question of this property. The planning commission basically says it can't say the land will or will not change from commercial to residential. The owner of the property has also has two weeks to respond.

The issue will only go to trial if all the parties involved don't settle and agree on something out of court.

Local 6 reached out to Dollar General's lawyer to ask exactly why it withdrew its proposal, but have yet to receive a call back.

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