The Mayfield Lighthouse shelter undergoes repairs

One of the only shelters in our area that takes in women and children has had to turn people away.   

The Mayfield Lighthouse is sending women to other shelters while it undergoes repairs and gets organized after getting new leadership.

The Lighthouse is one of the only shelters in the area for women with children to go when they have no where else to turn.

"I didn't have to worry about having a safe place to lay my head, or worry about being warm," volunteer Marlis Beach said.

Beach once lived at the shelter and understands what women needing a place to stay go through.

"Of course I was scared. I was scared, I didn't know what to do, (and) I was hungry," Beach said.

Recently the Lighthouse has had to send a few women, like Beach, elsewhere because, new director Melanie Stinson, says it's time for some repairs.

"It's like having your own house. You have to maintain your house sometimes. You have to paint the rooms and do repairs," Stinson said.

She says this house has a lot more traffic than other homes, with eight bedrooms for women and their children.

"When you let things go they just keep going, and go into nothing," Stinson said.

Repairs will be made on areas like the walls, floors and playground.

Women who were at the Lighthouse before the work started can still live there, but three rooms are empty as repairs are made. Stinson hopes to have the rooms ready and back in use soon.

"There are very, very few places for a woman with children to go," Stinson said.

Stinson wants repairs done by the end of the month.

Right now the Lighthouse is taking calls and trying to help women find other shelters to stay in while repairs are done. Stinson says in a worse case scenario she will let a women stay in one of the empty rooms. She says she's not just going to turn someone away with no place to live. the Lighthouse is always looking for volunteers. If you'd like to help call 270-247-9226 or email

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